Music review: Jol Rose’s ‘My Nebraska’ – “raw, heart-felt feeling”


Album review: My Nebraska
Artist: Jol Rose

My Nebraska is old country at the forefront, but hasn’t been achored by the same aging often associated with the genre.

Rose’s lyrics balance reflexive sorrows with an anticipative energy – and it makes the album very aware of itself. There’s elegant introductions and backing from the violin that cradles the gentle guitar strokes throughout – most complimented in ‘Waltz’ and ‘Autumn Song’. I am here reminded of Nico and Lou Reed’s storytelling abilities of life as it is. It’s harmonious listening.

Although not very versatile in sound, the album is rooted in raw, heart-felt feeling that strips itself back to a sweet simplicity which really captures the essence of My Nebraska: a man, a guitar and the open road.