Music review: Joely’s ‘EP’ – “urban jazz-pop with plenty of edge”


EP review: EP
Artist: Joely Rendle

If you set fire to Lenka and Feist, it would be Joely that would rise from the ashes by the way in which she plays on their melodic vocals, with a modern twist, to create urban jazz-pop with plenty of edge.

With this EP Joely has taken angsty thoughts and transcended them into contemporary café jazz, – evoking soul as well as pop – which has been executed in a suave yet agile manner.

My favourite tracks gather in the middle with ‘Tuesday’, ‘Desire’ and ‘Mean’, – the swagger, sophistication and rhythm could have seen them featured on HBO’s Girls – through the way in which Joely intimately approaches her lyrics whether they be self-referential or not. 

I’d highly recommend having a listen to Joely – sounding wise beyond her years, she’s a beautiful voice to pay attention to on behalf of 2019’s twenty-somethings.