Music review: allusinlove’s ‘It’s Okay To Talk’ – “unashamedly indie pop… drenched in summer vibes”


Words by James Queralt

It’s Ok To Talk, the debut album from Yorkshire up-and-comers allusinlove, harks back to an era in the not-so-distant past when upbeat indie pop was all the rage and, at its strongest moments, draws from an even older musical well.

Frontman Jason Moules’ lyrics, generally concerned with familiar themes such as love and loss, find themselves encased within a plethora of styles that draw inspiration from various indie sub-genres. Album opener All My Love is introduced by swirling psychedelic riffs, and is one of a number of tracks on the album that wears its 90s influence on its sleeve. Lucky You, for example, favours distorted vocals and a more ethereal sound. A strong My Bloody Valentine influence is unmistakeable here.

Elsewhere, tracks like I’m Your Man and the album’s lead single, All Good People, are unashamedly indie pop, both drenched in summer vibes that tie in perfectly with the album’s June 7 release date. A decade ago, All Good People would’ve taken the charts by storm, while I’m Your Man’s punchy guitar riffs are amongst the catchiest on the album.

There are encouraging signs here, with the polished production and strong instrumental harmony suggesting these Leeds boys have the talent and infrastructure to go far, though on this evidence the band have yet to truly nail down their own musical identity.