Music review: All Ears Avow - Skin and Bones EP

By Ed Dyer

OK, answer me this – why aren’t this band huge yet? 

For years they have been one of the most accomplished bands in the region, yet they manage to sail along un-noticed by the masses whilst exhibiting all the musical traits that even people who don’t like actual music would normally fall for. I don’t get it, but thankfully, the band just belligerently keep plugging away, getting better and better at what they do, producing slick, effortless appearing pop-rock songs again and again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9uST8nvSWM All the usual All Ears Avow trademarks are here – big riffs, addictive melodies and a fabulous groove, but with this new EP they have taken this formula to even greater heights, concentrating it even further than you think would be possible. This EP is a celebration of all things that make the band who they are, and the joy and fun that this sentiment puts across to the listener is infectious, so do yourself and the band a favour and join in the celebration. www.allearsavow.com