Lucky Slots Player Wins 3.3M Slots Jackpot


Online casinos are played by millions of people all over the world. It is no surprise as they offer a range of stunning table games and slot games, and the chance to win some serious cash without ever having to leave your sofa. Now, you would be forgiven for thinking that the chances of winning big are pretty low, but for players of popular UK and US slots here is a story to bring you hope.

Win Big or Go Home

Well, in this case, a lucky player visiting the online casino Gate777 won big is the biggest win that this site has seen so far. He walked away with a rather mind-blowing sum of €3.3 million pounds, and as you can imagine, that is a rather life-changing sum of money.

Progressive Slots

Big wins like this come from progressive slots, so it is important to understand how they work. The game he played was Mega Fortune slot and is offered by NetEnt. What happens is each time a player stakes some money a portion is added to the jackpot figure. As the game is played by thousands of people this sum, like all progressive jackpot amounts, can get huge. Of course, only one person can win it, and in this case, our lucky player managed just that. It was his €50 euro stake that saw fate line the reels perfectly for him. So, for now, the balance on the Mega Fortune jackpot wiped out, but with players continuing to take their chances every day, it will soon build back up.

A representative from Gate 777 (which has over 800 games, and is based on air travel), Zachi Duani said “We are a relatively young casino, and it makes us very happy to see that we’re growing. We are extremely proud to be a part of this recent win, and we wish the same joy to all our players.” Their chief executive Ronna Shilon added “We are so thrilled when our players have a fantastic experience with us and when they win. We work hard to bring our players the best slot and table games the industry has to offer, and we look forward to seeing more and more winners at Gate777.”

Not the Biggest Win

While very few people are going to grumble at winning over three million, the Mega Fortune jackpot often tops out at over €4 million before it is won. The biggest payout was in January 2013 when it was sitting at over €17 million when a lucky player from Finland managed to hit the jackpot. In 2011 it went to a Norwegian player who walked away with an equally cool €11 million. It certainly builds up quite quickly though as there are on average five payouts a year from the jackpot and it is always in the region of €3 million or more.