Leftfield performances at North Wall Arts Centre


The North Wall Arts Centre hosts two uniquely influenced and differing shows this November, with poetically influenced Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) and a friendship story in Disco Pigs that quickly spirals out of control.

Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) is set to re-tell the story of the beginning of everything inspired by Milton’s epic poem of the same title, but adding “music, fewer words, more dance, and never before seen levels of divine incompetence.” It promises to be a refreshing re-imagination of the poetic classic, and tackles the story of creation with a modern twist and sense of humour.

Following the performance there will be a post-show talk with Dr Margaret Kean (Fellow in English at St Hilda’s College, Oxford) and Lost Dog’s Artistic Director, Ben Duke. The talk will give a short introduction to Milton and his epic poem, Paradise Lost, followed by a discussion about how the work inspired the making of the show.

On almost the total reverse side, Disco Pigs is shaping up to be a “furious, funny and violent dash through a friendship too close to survive”. An expectation of this show being a Hollywood style ‘buddy comedy’ is likely misplaced, as the story takes a dark turn when the fantasy world that the characters surround themselves in violently collides with reality after a 17th birthday binge gone wrong. This rather dystopian image of teenage friendship and the regrets that can follow one night of madness and excess could prove to be a potent mix, and definitely piques the interest.

Both shows clearly offer something different from your theatre experience; one based almost on the ‘classic’ theatre formula of re-imagining poetic works in refreshing and exciting ways, and the other exploring the dark drama that can be created within character relationships.

Paradise Lost will be performed on Thursday 19 November at 8pm

Disco Pigs will be performed on Wednesday 25 November at 8pm

Tickets are available from www.thenorthwall.com