With the internet readily available to billions of people, it’s no wonder so many of us choose to spend, on average, 24 hours a week online. And during this, there’s plenty of time to try your hand at online gambling. With advances in technology, safer ways to pay, and even more exciting games than ever, online gambling has become popular with millions of people. But what are the latest trends for online casinos in 2020? Cryptocurrency and more payment options Most online casinos already provide a wide range of payment and pay-out options, giving users the variety and choice that ensures they can play however they like. In 2020, we can expect to see more integration of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin – alongside Blockchain technology – which means online casinos are completely separated from any data, perhaps making gaming and gambling as fair as possible. 2020 could be the year that more online casinos move away from the regular payment methods we’ve come to know and love (or loathe). Mobile-friendly Whether you gamble on the go or from the comfort of your own home, it’s no secret that we spend an inordinate amount of time on our smartphones and devices, including watches. Although most online casinos have already taken initiative and created an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website, a top trend for 2020 is further integration of mobile, providing users with a more social playing experience, whether that’s through a dedicated app, live chat bots, or talking with other players. We predict that more and more users will start utilising their smart watches to gamble in 2020, with games and online casinos having ‘mobile-first’ in mind. Security and protection As with all online activities, internet gambling also comes with the risk of pesky hackers and data infiltration. However, choosing a trustworthy and responsible online casino, which utilises all the correct security measures, from robust SSL certificates to the latest firewall technology, is an effective way of keeping your data secure online. Gambling regulations becoming tighter As well as keeping your money safe, it’s important that online casinos keep their customers safe too. Companies, such as Big Money Scratch, are intent on responsible gaming and keeping underage gambling at bay. A sign of a good gambling website will be readily available links to gambling help websites, giving users the information they need to make educated choices and gamble safely. We’re also seeing changes to regulations throughout Europe too, specifically in regards to money-laundering. It’s not entirely clear what these changes will mean for the average player, but any new regulation will mean a safer playing environment, ensuring that the fun stays in the game. As always, keeping an eye on these new regulations will mean online casinos can keep their sites and apps as up to date as possible, and players are able to protect themselves. Advances in technology Want the true experience of a land-based casino, but without leaving your own home? 2020 is the year that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) become the focus of the online gambling world. Immersing the player in the true experience of a casino, whilst offering accessibility to all – a key trend for 2020. For many online gamblers, it’s the thrill of the game, rather than the results at the end. Getting this rush of adrenaline can be easier when the experience becomes more realistic. From being able to pull a slot machine lever to being dealt cards, users will begin to feel more involved than ever before. Online casinos are keen to utilise technology as far as it will take them, especially when it comes to making the experience as personalised for the player as possible. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more, allows online gambling companies to automate many areas of the game and process, as well as analysing data, constantly ensuring the player receives the very best online gambling experience they can. 2020 is the year for online casinos to give players control of their data, as well as offer the very best in a mobile gambling experience. As always, responsible gambling should come from a place of fun, providing users with the opportunity to set limits and enjoy exciting games.