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From Friday July 24 to Saturday July 25, Rockbourne near Salisbury will rock to the sound of sausage.

Of course we’re talking Sausage Festival - a non-profit, intimate, friendly festival near Salisbury, firmly based on good music and merriment. Expect heavy usage of sausage-related puns.

The line-up is pretty damn good. Have a gander at this little lot….

Line-up: The Talks + Bigtopp + Gaz Brookfield + Aqua Vista + Bamboo Vipers + Bow Street Revolt + Cougar Pilot + Echo Boom Generation + Hip Route + From the Ashes + Funke & The Two Tone Baby + Kunt and the Gang + Liam O’Kane + The Splash + Stone Donkey Pilots + The Zucchinis + Whitmore + The Neighbourhood Strange + Willowen + Wisefool + Speakeasy + Brave and Belko