With world-renowned bands such as Coldplay, only touring every couple of years, and with concert tickets at high prices, it can be difficult for fans to experience their favourite band in a live setting. 

This is where tribute bands come into play, paying their respects to well-known artists by mirroring their stage shows, music and style at a fraction of the cost, and at more accessible venues on a more regular basis.

Coldplace is one of those bands who work hard to pay homage to their counterparts, Coldplay, with their well-produced stage show that is executed to such precision down to shoe laces and watches.

“As an avid Coldplay fan myself, I would definitely stretch myself to buy tickets to see them live when they tour as they are just out of this world,” explains Shane Crofts, lead singer of the tribute band and Chris Martin lookalike. “However, we realise that not everyone can afford to do this, and that the band only tour every couple of years, so we feel that our alternative to the real thing is as close as you can get. I suppose we fill the gap for fans between tours, allowing them to re-live the experience they had at the real thing.”


“We study the real band very closely and mimic their sound, moves, style and stage set down to the very last detail. It takes a lot of patience as we are so meticulous in our performance, we want fans to be able to favourably compare us to Coldplay themselves,” continues Shane.

The big arenas and O2 Academy shows of popular artists sell out extremely quickly, and if you’re not fast enough on the phone or online, or don’t have the time due to work and other commitments to be on the ball when tickets are released, many fans miss out. Touts are always outside venues unfortunately, and their prices are astronomical, and tickets are not guaranteed to be genuine to gain you entry to the event anyway, so it can be an expensive risk.


So the next best thing is a top tribute band to give you the experience of the real thing at an affordable price.

“We find that a lot of the Coldplay fans that come to our gigs come for a good sing-a-long and to basque in the atmosphere of a gig,” says Shane. “It gives you such a buzz to hear the crowd singing  back to you, and going wild when they hear the first few bars of one of their favourite anthems. I suppose as a band we really have our dream job, performing the songs that we love to a live audience.”

With Coldplace and other similar tribute acts selling out at the majority of their gigs, this goes to show that there is definitely a place for tribute bands in the music scene, and how they help to keep the music alive of their idols. There is even The National Music Tribute Awards nowadays for the entertainment industry, acknowledging the best lookalike and sound-a-like tribute in the UK at an awards ceremony similar to that of the British Music TV Awards.


“Amazingly enough we were actually mistaken for the real Coldplay at a gig in the Dominican Republic, where we had around 100 people waiting for us to sign autographs and have their pictures taken with us. It was extremely flattering as it gave us the confirmation that we’d done a good job of impersonating the band and their show.”

Coldplace are performing at the Neeld Arts Theatre in Chippenham on June 20. Tickets start from an extremely reasonable £20.00, and are available from www.coldplace.co.uk/tickets

If you’re still not completely sold on tribute bands versus the real thing, then this is a great opportunity to find out, but don’t delay as tickets tend to sell out for this world-class band.


For further information on Coldplace and their UK tour, please visit www.coldplace.co.uk