Internationally-renowned Australian contemporary circus ensemble, Circa, will tumble into Oxford Playhouse from 13 to 14 September with its five-star favourite, Humans.

Created by Artistic Director Yaron Lifschitz and the Circa ensemble, Humans will see 10 acrobats take the audience on a stirring journey that celebrates what it means to be fiercely human by testing the physical limits of their bodies.

Through a breathtaking combination of aerial trapeze, acrobatics, contortionism, impossible shapes and more, Humans challenges the audience to reflect on their lives, their loved ones and the burdens they carry.

With incredible strength and integrity, the acrobats connect each moment seamlessly with the next, in a thrilling and heart-stopping performance that explores how our bodies, our connections and our aspirations all form part of who we are.

Circa has grown to become a phenomenal success with its edgy and refreshing take on circus combined with acrobatic virtuosity and the sensibility of contemporary dance and theatre. Humans has been performed in more than 40 different countries to over 89,000 people, with crowds flocking to the show at the legendary Glastonbury Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Credit: Pedro Greig

Tickets for Humans at Oxford Playhouse start at £10 and are available from the Ticket Office on 01865 305305 or book online at