Interesting ways you can market your brand


In this digital age, almost any one can create their very own online business. However, once you’ve created your business, you actually have to start marketing it if you ever want to get any customers. Unfortunately, this is the part many people get wrong and is the reason why so many businesses close after only a short year or two of existence. We live in a very loud world where there’s always someone trying to sell you something. People often get tired of it and have literally started tuning out ads and other forms of typical marketing. As a result, you not only have to market your brand but also market it in an interesting way that makes you stand out from the rest. You now have to capture people’s attention, especially if you want to gain a competitive advantage. We’ll now look at a couple of ways that you can do just that.  

Getting Your Brand To Go Viral 

By getting your brand to go viral, you can easily get thousands and millions of people interested in your brand, products and services. This can easily bring in a rush of new customers and can truly transform your business. However, actually getting your brand to go viral can be difficult. In order to go viral, you will have to create a video that truly resonates with people. Once a video gains popularity, it is easily shared and can get over a million views in only a few short hours.  

To create a viral video, you will need to keep it short and sweet. Most people’s attention spans are quite low and the majority of viral videos are only a couple of seconds long. A good viral video is between 30 to 90 seconds long. You should focus on one single message and provide a good deal of value in that message. You should incorporate humour and elements that are highly relatable to your target demographic. Once you combine this with a powerful headline and a catchy thumbnail image, you will likely have a winner. The best platforms for viral videos include Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  

Hire Influencers 

Many large companies often have their own social media team within their marketing department. This social media team is typically given the task of building out social profiles, coming up with a content strategy, engaging customers etc. It is definitely recommended that you also do that for your own brand, no matter how big or small your business may be. However, you shouldn’t stop there. You should also look into hiring social media influencers within your niche so that they can market your products or services and spread the word about your brand.  

If you take a good look at the social media accounts within your niche, you will notice individuals that have thousands and even millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. They have usually built up these followers by creating interesting content and their followers are quite engaged and ready to buy anything they recommend. As a business, you can approach these influencers and negotiate a deal where they talk about your brand, promote certain products, create funny and viral videos around your products etc. By doing so, you will immediately gain access to a large audience that you didn’t have access to before which can massively boost your business. If you do this with as many influencers as you can, this will rapidly boost your brand recognition and the profits will follow.  

Another excellent way to negotiate with influencers is to offer them a partnership or allow them to promote and sell your products as an affiliate. This offers greater incentive since the more they sell, the more they will earn. It also gives you the opportunity to get more points of contact with their audience. They will likely make more videos or content surrounding your brand and products, which will lead to a long term stream of new customers.  

Create Engaging Media 

Lastly, our final tip is to create engaging media on a weekly basis and share them on your site, blog and social media pages. This seems like a traditional form of marketing, however, it is extremely effective when done right. You should look into creating fun and engaging infographics which will not only get attention on your social media pages but also long term traffic through other websites linking to it. When they embed your infographic on their websites, there will be an automatic link created back to your site. This will not only provide direct traffic but also SEO benefits which will lead to greater organic traffic to your business site. These links are also completely white hat so you won’t have any risk of Google penalties.  

To wrap things up, we have just looked at a few interesting and highly effective ways you can market your brand. Once you implement at least one of the above strategies, you will see results!