In event of Brexit pull the escape cord – “It’s quite exciting, living in these times, is it not?”

©Calyx Picture Agency Berxit / Anti Fascism protest at the Cenotaph in Swindon. Yellow jackets pro Brexit and "right wing"

Off The Grid with Luke Coleman – Our man in Iraq

It’s quite exciting, living in these times, is it not? 

I mean, at least some people are lying. Jacob Rees-Mogg seems certain everything is going to be quite fine, and even though it’s easy to mock someone whose accent is only out-absurded by that picture of him as a kid in a camel coat and monocle, he is behaving like leaving Europe will be great eventually. He’s on record as saying 50 years, but if this great capitalist makes a success of Somerset Capital Management’s foray into EU markets via Dublin, then I’m sure he’ll be reinvesting in the UK forthwith, through a new a footman and nanny, probably. 

There’s something terrific about the Dublin swagger too, as it puts to bed the lie that Rees-Mogg doesn’t understand the delicate tango danced along the Irish border. He may have said that he wants a return to checks “as we had during the Troubles.” This just sounds like the price we must pay for taking back control from the Brussels buggers, even if it sounds like a grim return to the days before a hard-won peace was in place.

It feels like a Schrodinger’s rant this, being written at a time where things at once change quite quickly in Brexit world – you may be reading this in a world where Article 50 has been extended – but also exist in a cryogenic state, to be pushed out on a gurney before Parliament about 4 nanoseconds before we crash out.

Anyway, if you need me to bring some supplies over from Iraq, you can find me on Twitter.