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Ian Hislop and Nick Newman's 'Spike' opens at The Watermill Theatre

By Tyler Ody

Spike Opens up at the Watermill Theartre

An absurdly funny new comedy 

by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman


“I’m not acting crazy. I’m the genuine article.”


It’s the booming fifties and Britain is in the clutches of Goon mania as men, women and children across the country scramble to get their ear to a wireless for another instalment of The Goon Show.

Struggling to keep up with demand, Spike finds himself pushing the boundaries of comedy and testing the patience of the BBC. Will he elevate The Goons to new heights, or will the whole thing come crashing down with the stroke of a potato peeler?


From hit writing duo Ian Hislop and Nick Newman (The Wipers Times, Trial By Laughter) and directed by Paul Hart. Starring Olivier Award-winning actorJohn Dagleish as Spike Milligan, with Stephen Fry as the voice of the Announcer.


Tickets from £15


SPIKE | Thursday 27 January - Saturday 5 March 

Recommended for ages 10+ 

“Writing SPIKE gave us the opportunity to celebrate the genius of the founding father of modern comedy, explore what inspired him and steal all his jokes.”

Ian Hislop and Nick Newman