How to Prepare Your House for Autumn


With the summer slowly drawing to a close, autumn is just around the corner and it’s time to get prepared for the change in season. Whilst autumn doesn’t see as much of a change compared to winter, there are still things to look out for and maintain to ensure your house is ready for the season ahead. From checking the boiler to maintaining the gutters, here are a few top tips to help you prepare your home for autumn.

Check the Boiler

After months of glorious sunshine and stormy temperatures, your boiler won’t have had much use over the summer, so it’s important to check it’s in good condition and working as it should. Boilers are well known for failing on you when you least expect it and the last thing you want is to have to brace the upcoming cooler months with no heating. Call your local supplier, such as British Gas, to get a qualified engineer to come out and service your boiler. You can find out more about boiler servicing here from a recent British Gas post.

Maintain the Lawn

During the summer you’ve probably mown your lawn a handful of times, especially as the rain and sunshine seem to have encouraged the grass to grow faster than ever. Now that summer is over, you need to fertilise your lawn and maintain its condition before the colder months arrive. By fertilising your lawn, it helps the grass to green up much faster when the spring arrives, which will, in turn, leave you with a much healthier looking lawn for the summer. You’ll also find the fertiliser will encourage your grass to grow thick and strong, which is just what you want.

Image Source: Milford’s Building Supplies

Clean the Gutters

One of the most important things to do before autumn arrives is to clean out the gutters around your home. During autumn, leaves fall from trees and gutters become full/blocked and overflow. This can cause all kinds of issues, so it’s beneficial to maintain the gutters before the leaves start to fall to ensure they’re not full of rubbish, to begin with. It’s amazing how much can gather in the gutters and cause them to overflow and sometimes burst. Once autumn arrives it’s important to keep an eye on your gutters, as the leaves can build up very quickly.

Wash the Decking

Having barbeques and summer parties is such a fun part of summer, but this can cause your decking to become tired and dirty. When autumn arrives, there will be much more rain and dirt, so you want to clean your decking now before the dirt sticks and the wet weather causes a much slippier, dirtier surface. Decking is really easy to wash, you simply need a jetwash or pressure washer and this will help to remove the dirt in an instant. Once you’re happy that the dirt is gone, you could look at resealing or varnishing the surface to ensure it’s clean and strong enough to handle the autumn/winter weather conditions.

Image Source: Paint People