Many people around the UK enjoy a wager on sport. This covers everything you can think of, from those who bet once a year on the Grand National to those who spend each weekend dissecting the football fixtures to pick out what they are hoping will be a life-changing accumulator bet. The people who do bet will bet in very different ways. The traditionalists probably still use a betting shop to place their bets, while others will bet at home. This may be on a desktop computer, but for many this is done on a mobile phone. Mobile betting is the latest improvement the betting industry has seen, and it is one that opens up a wide range of avenues and makes betting more convenient than it has ever been before.

Mobile Betting from Anywhere

The beauty of a mobile betting app is that it is linked to a device that we all take everywhere with us. If you are out at a gig and want a bet, you will have your phone and therefore can have a bet. The same goes with anywhere, from being at work to visiting friends and family. There are no longer any limitations to betting, which is in stark contrast to what some people are used to. Those that have been betting for a long time will remember the days of local betting shops, and even the days when they would close on Sunday and after the final race of the day. Betting is now an industry that offers itself to people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and that is not going to change. Anyone who already has a mobile app that they can use for their bets, will unlikely swap it and go back to how they placed their bets before, such has been the change.

Will All Betting Happen on a Mobile Device in the Future?

There is a chance that we will eventually see all betting take place on mobile devices. The younger generation who have been brought up with everything mobile are using their phones to bet already. As the older generation, who are used to doing things differently, stop their betting and we have more newcomers take their place, the shift is going to move. The big bookmakers on the bookies offers site are probably all aware of this, which is why they have put so much time and investment into creating the best possible mobile betting platform. Rather than investments in shops, we are seeing investments come for mobile, either in the shape of advertisements to get more people using their app or improvements to the app to make it stand out against the crowd. If the trend is right at the moment, the future is mobile, and eventually there is a good chance that the majority, if not all, bets will be placed in this way.

What Other Enhancements Could We See?

It is likely that any other further enhancements to the betting industry will be around mobile technology, or making betting even easier than it is at the moment. Voice activation software is really hitting the ground and becoming popular at the moment, so we could see that enter the betting industry. This could be something that is placed into the mobile apps we already have, allowing us to speak bets into the app rather than find the different selections. Those who have these devices around the home are used to using them for tasks such as listening to music, watching TV, turning the lights on and off, could we see them make their way over to betting?