Watching live sport is a thrill that many people enjoy. This is also what keeps the betting industry alive. However, in a bid to spice things up and make it far more interesting, the betting industry decided to allow people to bet during live sport, rather than before, a number of years ago. This has really paid dividends for them and has turned into the live betting service that we see today. Bookmakers have two chances to accept bets thanks to this, before an event starts and then while play is taking place. For those long events such as a five-day cricket game, this is another five days to get wagers in from their customers.

Live Betting on Worldwide Events

There was a time when bookmakers would only accept bets from customers before an event started. That is no longer the case, you can bet on many events while play is taking place. This adds a new exciting element and has without a doubt caught the imagination of punters. Many are combining pre-match betting with in play betting, while some are changing completely to in play betting as a whole. Newcomers to sports betting are also taking part in this change. You will find a list of free bets offers available for new customers online, and these can be used in conjunction with live betting to get off to a great start with a bookmaker. For anyone who felt like the betting industry was turning a little stale, this rapidly growing feature is certainly livening things up and make sports betting a lot more interesting.

Live Streaming Offers the Chance to Watch

There are some people out there who will only bet on events that they can watch. Whether this is horse racing, football or something else, if its available to watch they will be on it. Not every game is televised of course, but bookmakers are now trying to give their customers the chance to watch more games. This comes in the form of live streaming. From football to tennis, NBA basketball and many other sports, you will see top bookmakers offer live streaming of selected games. These streams mean that you can watch the game live, so people are more likely to bet on it. With live betting available too, you can bet during the game if you tune in late and miss a pre-match bet. This option to watch sport from all over the world is a great initiative from the bookmakers and will be something else to attract attention and new players to their service. With a wide range of sports being streamed, there is likely to be something for everyone who wants to get involved.

Mobile Technology Adds Convenience

There has been a rise in the number of people turning to mobile betting and using their phone rather than their computer for betting purposes. The fantastic advancements we have seen in mobile technology have helped bookmakers bring their service to mobile punters. With fast and strong internet connections, top quality phones that can handle betting apps and much more, the two industries have worked well together. This has allowed them to offer a great service to those who want to bet through a mobile. For those who are looking to use a mobile betting app to place bets and watch live action, you have the mobile technology industry to thank for that. This is a perfect example of one industry jumping on the back of another when it comes to advancements and taking full advantage of new tech on offer.