Hop Along To The Next Gammy Leg Night in May

Grant Sharkey

Good news for music lovers! Gammy Leg productions has announced the third in their latest series of gigs, to celebrate the 18th birthday of Gappy Tooth Industries.

If you like eclectic and thought-provoking music, then go to The Library, Cowley Rd, Oxford on Thursday 14 May 2020

Doors open at 8pm. Lina Simon goes on at 8:25, followed by Grant Sharkey at 21:15, and finally Grudgewood at 22:05

Lina Simon
Lina was part of The Edmund Fitzgerald, a 3-piece band from Oxford, that birthed Foals. After the band split, Lina disappeared. And now she’s here. Undisappeared.  “[A] cynical cut with its sleazy, queasy vibe, chitter-chatter beats, gleaming synths and Lydia-Lunch-goes-pop feel, Lina sounding like the ghost in the machine in The Knife’s musical bunker” Nightshift, top tracks of 2019

Grant Sharkey

Grant plays a double bass and travels the country a lot. He sings songs that are funny, thoughtful, provocative and not radio friendly. He releases an album every 6 months as part of a 20-year long project spanning 2013-2033. He is from Southampton, but doesn’t have a home any more.  He is the purest type of 21st century troubadour, balancing monkey stupid smut, incisive political discourse, and quite preposterous double bass skills.


Instrumental rock from newish trio Grudgewood, featuring musicians who have previously trodden the Gappy boards as part of Junkie Brush and Drunkenstein.  However, Grudgewood are more subtle and less silly than those acts respectively, making a post-rock prog version of classic meaty rock, that’s almost like Primus if they swapped the smut for extra bassface and 70s rock grooves. “The trio’s prog-leaning instrumental heavy rock is clever, often convoluted, but never less than thrilling […] Sometimes you just have to stand back and enjoy a musical masterclass” Nightshift

The price of entry is a mere £5 at the door, but you can get in even cheaper by going to: www.wegottickets.com/event/500373