History of Land Based VS Online Casinos

Picture by Guido Coppa taken from Unsplash

For more than two centuries, land-based casinos have been providing adults with some form of adult entertainment. It’s hard to believe, but Las Vegas sprouted out of a Nevada Desert 75 years ago. While it might not seem like that long ago, Las Vegas has definitely grown up since its inception.

Land-based casinos have continued to grown throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Throughout the U.S., only nine states don’t allow some form of casino gambling.

The Introduction of Online Casino Gambling

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s gambling conglomerates in Europe started moving online. When sports bettors needed a little something to do in between soccer matches, they could jump in and play roulette or online slot machines.

The evolution of online gambling started rolling around 2010. This is about the time that online casinos started upgrading their offerings, which resulted in more gamblers choosing to gamble online. Gamblers would take to the internet instead of traveling to visit their favorite land-based casinos.

What drove this evolution was changes in technology. When software developers were able to start creating slots games like interactive Haunted House online, that’s when things took off.

Today, there are hundreds of online casinos in operation all over the world. Through the advent of mobile gambling, a new generation of online gambling is starting to join in the fun. In the U.S., six states have already legalized online casino gambling for its residents. Additionally, there are another dozen or so states ready to pass the same kind of legislation.

Meanwhile, land-based casinos have become more of a vacation destination as opposed to a place a gambler would visit regularly.

The Advantages of Gambling Online

It is becoming increasingly clear that people all over the world are married to their computers and mobile devices. This is not something that has been lost on online casino operators. To draw new customers, they know full well that online casinos have to provide advantages over what gamblers can get by visiting land-based casinos.

Of course, convenience is a major factor. The idea that someone can play slots or blackjack from the privacy of their home has great appeal. Even more appealing is the idea people can use their mobile devices to gamble at any time from anywhere they can get a reliable data connection.

As for game choice, today’s online casino can offer hundreds of video slots and dozens of table games with the click of a mouse. Immediate access to hundreds of online casino games has great appeal to someone who doesn’t enjoy walking around a land-based casino floor. It’s not fun to wait in line for the opportunity to play a few hands of blackjack.

Finally, there is one more thing online casinos can easily offer that their land-based competition can’t offer. That would be the opportunity to take advantage of some cool bonus offers. It’s quite easy for an online casino operator to offer a new customer a great matching bonus based on the customer’s first deposit.

From the customer’s perspective, they get the extra money that will afford them hours of extra play. For the online casino operator, they can use terms and conditions that make it difficult for customers to convert bonuses into cash. With that said, it’s still the possibility of getting something for free that appeals to online gamblers.

It’s hard to predict the future. However, it looks like the time is fast approaching when a majority of all casino gambling is going to be done online.