Here is how gaming developers create and invent


Nowadays the gaming world consists of a literally countless number of various video games. They come in all shapes and sizes, such are the ones dedicated to gaming consoles (Sony Play Station, Xbox and such), the ones made for playing on your PC or laptop or the ones manufactured to be played on more portable and practical devices, such are tablets and smartphones.

Each and every player has surely wondered at least once how these games generally function. But, before we continue further with this topic, let us first do a brief overview of the gaming development in general.

How it all Started?

The first predecessors of the term video game itself were made somewhere around the 1940’s. However, these first inventions were nowhere near video games of today. The 70’s were the decade of outstanding changes and progress. First, in 1971, the first-ever video game machine based on coins was introduced and it was known by the name of Computer Space. 1972 brought us the first ever home game console, which was named Magnavox. In the year 1975, the same two men who invented Computer Space have founded the worldwide known company Atari.

Alongside with the outstanding progress in the IT sector, the progress was also transferred to video games. New ways of gaming started emerging, from retro home consoles such are Komodor 64, Nintendo, Sega Mega to the new and powerful ones, such as the PS4. PC gaming started its exponential growth as well. And starting with the first portable gaming devices, such are Tetris and Nintendo Game Boy, gaming started to receive a new dimension. One could now play his favourite game even on the go! This became even more popular and widespread with the invention and commercialization of smartphones, which brought PC and online gaming, as well as classic gaming to a whole new level.

Online Gaming

Online gaming as an activity is becoming more and more widespread over the time. Even the competitions are being held, from online casino tournaments to even bigger events, such are world gaming cups.

The two most popular forms of online gaming are strategic video games, such as the League of Legends and online gambling at online casinos, such as the Cashpot Casino. League of Legends is a bit more complicated game than the casino games overall and it requires a team of experts, including designers, story writers, programmers, etc to be made. All casino games are basically either based on HTML5 or there belong to the category of Flash games. And they certainly have simpler designs, less interactivity and require a simple code to be written.

The Making

The creation of a brand new video game is a process that requests skill, patience and durability. Video games of today take a whole team to be manufactured and the manufacturing process can even take up to a few years.

The whole process begins with writers, who are responsible for the game’s storyline including the action and the participants as well. This part of the manufacturing process mostly relies on a writer’s imagination and creativity. However, they don’t give rein to their imagination completely. They mostly follow the instructions based on the targeted researches aimed to ensure that the game will be popular and desirable among the players.

When the whole storyline gets finished, starts the second, more artistic part of creating a video game. The artists start sketching the characters and all surroundings. Afterwards, they are being passed on to a computer as converted graphics. Some developers don’t even use artists any more, the whole gameplay is being digitally made by designers.  If a certain game contains true to life scenes, they are usually being recorded and afterwards digitally converted and re-mastered and the pace (frames per second) is being adjusted as well.

The next step would be to record character voices and various sound effects, which is being performed by translating sound into data usually by using a synthesizer.

When it comes to the probably the most complicated part of creating a video game, programming, it can be divided into two categories:

  • System Programming and
  • Web Programming.

Games manufactured according to the first category are mostly autonomous applications that are mostly being produced for consoles or other gaming devices. The most used languages for this type of programming are C++, Java and C#.

Web Programming, on the other hand, is used for producing games that can be played directly from the internet browser. The most used languages for web programming are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and SQL.

The languages, of course, can and should be combined according to the type of the game and the interest of the manufacturer.

The last part of the manufacturing process is testing the product. There are plenty of various tests that are used to discover programming flaws. Games are also being tested on players, where their reaction is being monitored.

Detailed info about the game development process can be found by visiting Wikipedia or How Stuff Works.


Although playing a game can sometimes be a strenuous process, creating one is even more gruelling for sure. Game development requires a team of people and much hard working hours, so next time when you start playing your favourite game, give a credit to all the people that have made that possible for you.