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The Lechlade Festival
Having the fun of bingo without leaving the house

There’s definitely a thrill when it comes to bingo. It’s pretty hard to describe the excitement as you nearly get all the numbers you need. That edge of your seat feeling as you hope the next number called will be one of yours is hard to replicate.

No wonder it’s such a popular game.

And now more and more people are playing it from home, which really suits modern busy lives.

When the game extended to the North of America in the 1920s, it got popular by the name ‘beano’. The first games were played in Georgia. After a while, Edwin S. Lowe changed the game and named it ‘bingo’; it was a complete accident, instead of yelling beano he yelled bingo, that confusion became popular and now you know the game as Bingo.

Nowadays it’s a huge business with bingo halls up and down the country. But not everybody can leave the house to get to play Bingo, that is where online bingo comes in, there’s loads of games to choose from so we recommend the best online bingo games you can find.


The visuals and sound effects

One of the things that online bingo sites excels in are the visuals. The sites use state of the art graphics to make every experience as exciting as possible. If you do a tour of different sites the user-friendly styles can really add some pazazz to proceedings.

The sound effects also really capture the audience whether it is funky music or even tension inducing countdowns. These effects really add to the fun of online bingo giving you an experience that really immerses you in the game.

Both together the visuals and sound effects make the whole experience a thrill ride from start to finish.

Online play bonuses

There are a lot of cash incentives given to you to get you really into online bingo from really good welcome bonuses to loyalty rewards.

Foxy Bingo are currently offering a welcome offer that is being replicated across several sites of put £10 up front and get an extra £40 to play with.

It’s a very good offer but always shop around as you can get some really good incentives that really are value for money from some of the sites.

Play Safe

One of the things that online bingo sites are very aware of is that people should play safe and when the fun stops just stop playing. These sites are meant to be fun but if you find yourself becoming addictive or spending money you haven’t got, it’s definitely time to take a break.

Gambling addiction is serious and can lead to families breaking up and people losing all of their money so please ensure that you are always in control and only spending the money that you can afford.

One bit of advice is to always go in with a budget and keep to it no matter what.

In Summary

The online bingo games still have the adrenaline rush of going to a bingo hall all from the comfort of your home, but it also gives you the choice of a plethora of different types of games.

You still get your ‘legs eleven’ and can still quack quack after the ‘22’ call but this time with no need of adding the extra costs of finding childcare or getting a taxi. Still fun, but less hassle.

The choices are endless out there at the moment and serious players can make serious amounts of cash as long as they do it safely and always keep within what they can afford.

All in all though, online bingo is a fun and entertaining way of passing time in what is a very popular game.