Have you experienced the fun of In-Play gaming yet?

LONDON - AUGUST 07: In this photo illustration gaming dice are displayed on a screen on an online gambling website on August 7, 2006 in London. Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing UK business sectors with nearly a sevenfold increase in the amount of betting in the UK since 2001. (Photo Illustration by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

In-play gaming is becoming more and more popular with the masses here in the UK. Its rise is due for the most part to the rapid growth of mobile gaming.

If you haven’t come across in-play gaming before, it’s something that allows you to place bets while a game is in play.

In-play betting is currently the most rapidly growing betting medium here in the UK. It permits punters to place wagers (either back or lay bets) after events have begun- hence the term ‘In-play’. It means that you can take advantage of the changing circumstances of an event as play unfolds. It is something that a lot of pundits say enables them to widen their chances of winning.

Some obvious choices for In-Play betting are sports such as football matches, cricket matches and horse races. As well as being called “In Play” betting, it is also referred to as live betting, and the website Betfair, refers to is as “in-running betting in the past.”

One of main advantages of In-Play betting is that you don’t simply have to rely on research and form history. Form changes, so all of the research in the world can still amount to nought. With In Play betting, however, you can actually take stock of what is happening as events unfold, and place bets accordingly.

Another big advantage with In-Play betting is that you can actually trade positions, and if you manage to get this right, you can not only avoid losing on some of your bets, but you can win on all of them.

As an example, say you back Swindon Town to beat Exeter City, and Swindon takes the lead. You might then decide to “lay-off” your bet at shorter odds just to make sure.

Sticking with football for a moment, you can bet on several aspects of a game. You can, for example, place bets on what the result will be at half-time, who the next team to score will be, which player will score the next goal, who will be awarded the next corner, and more.

What this does do is to bring much more interest into the scenario. It means that genuine sports fans that treat their sport seriously, can get more involved at several levels and thereby get more enjoyment.

Place In-Play bets on a wide variety of sports

The other exciting thing about In-Play gaming or betting is that you can place bets on a wide range of sports including events like American Football, Baseball, and Australian Rules Football. There are also always tournaments going on all over the world, all of the time; like the tennis APT Tour.

Some sports are more suited to In-Play betting than others. Take horse racing. This is a great example where the final outcome of a race can be decided as the race progresses. If you can place your bet at the right time, having seen what you believe to be a defining moment, you can enhance the chances of making your wager a winning one.

As online betting develops, with new and faster applications for access via a mobile device, In-Play gaming is going to become even more popular than it already is, and as long as you bet responsibly, it can be real fun.