Gobbling up the Hobgoblin crisps

Hobgoblin new Snack

That pesky Hobgoblin at Witney’s Wychwood Brewery is at it again.

Not content with getting photographed with politicians when campaigning against beer tax or being the face of one of the UK’s most popular beers, the mischievous miscreant is making even more forays into invading your local.

That’s right. The Hobgoblin has now launched its own crisp brand. The flavour he’s gone for is Spit Roast Steak and the quality of these hand-cooked crisps sings out in every bite.

It’s basically a mouth-watering concoction of smoky barbecue, roasted steak and Hobgoblin beer.

We should definitely have more articles on crisps in The Ocelot. We’ve found a niche. The possibilities are endless. Here’s some ideas….

– “Quavers vs Wotsits – a cheesy fight to the death”

– “Pickled onion or Flamin Hot? which is the true Monster Munch?”

– “A Ridge Too Far? Why flat crisps are the original and best”

– “Pringles are not crisps, and the EU says so”

– “Pubs and crisps – the fries and coke of England”

– “Getting the flavour in crisps – how do they do it? We meet professional Crispologist Dr. Crispin Chipp”

Urm… so pick up a packet of Hobgoblin.

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