Go On, Do It, Jump – January


Review by Ed Dyer

Record of the month

OK, a bit late reviewing this as it is June. But shit happens, so I’ll quietly deal with it and review it now. The only other time I have written about this band was as part of a live review almost 2 years ago, and I was not massively impressed by them, I felt the band’s name was the most impressive thing about them at the time and I felt they needed to work on the songs and up the energy. Well full credit to them, they appear to have been working rather hard, as they have done just that; this is a belter of a collection of contemporary pop- rock tunes that border on arms aloft anthemic status

There are obvious nods to classic late 80’s indie rock with swirls of guitars and staccato beats that motor along very nicely and are layered with plenty of pop punk energy and drive. This underpins some slick and hummable melodies, and it is these vocal melodies, their engaging lyrics and the crystal singing of Dave Thompson that are the driving force of the material, the part that really stays with you after listening.

The whole thing just glues together very well, and feels very complete. As I said in my earlier review, all the ingredients were always there, but this time the recipe is spot on and damn tasty too. I am really not sure what they have been taking in the last 2 years, but I wish I had some, and that more bands would get some…