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Gappy Tooth's Christmas Special line-up announced

The Wheatsheaf and Gappy Tooth Industries could not wait to announce their December line-up!

Save the date for December 26 for a fantastic line-up ready to get you in the festive spirit - if all else fails head to the bar!

Lucy Leave: 10.40pm

Lucy Leave are the Oxford musician’s Oxford musicians, chucking psych, punk and prog into a big rock mortar and crushing it to dust with a bright pop pestle.

BBC Oxford hails her as: “A crazy kind of wonderful”.

Visit her Facebook page:

Self Help: 9.55pm

Self Help is a thrashy threepiece that likes to combine the upbeat, rambunctious and hooky nature of garage with the depressing reality of life.

Melodically approachable, but pure punk in spirit, the band promise to: “play house parties/fields/your gran’s garden/Cotswold Wildlife Park/that place where Apple hides its offshore cash”.

Visit their Facebook page:

Manu Louis

Manu Louis, a prolific Berlin-based composer and performer of experimental chanson, influenced equally by pop, jazz, electronica and 20th century classical music, is probably the visitor to Oxford about whom we had the most comments and queries in 2017.

Music OMH said: “This is Wagner in clown shoes, Morrissey on a carousel, and John Shuttleworth recognised as Poet Laureate”.

Visit his website:

Beard Of Destiny: 8.25pm

Beard of Destiny are Gray Barlow (guitars, vocals) and Ian Campbell (drums, percussion).  Gray grew up in Brighton and has played in bands since he was 11 years old.  He called his first band Kings of the Cosmic Orb and quite frankly has never looked back.

It don’t matter if he’s sitting down on the cahon or standing behind a full drum kit, Mr Campbell comes on like a full orchestra.

Visit their Facebook page:

For a foreseeable future event, one not to be missed either, go see our main man Mike Barham September 30.

Mike Barham

Mike Barham is punky, acoustic, and very tall indeed, as well as being the best thing to come out of Devizes since Andy Scott from The Sweet and a whole load of lock gates.
Vocally diverse, from grating bluesy overdrive to ridiculous falsetto sparkle, Mike’s music draws influence from artists including City and Colour, Frank Turner, Corey Taylor, Jamie Lenman and beyond. Probably a sprinkling of Dave Grohl in there, just to be sure.
Renowned for wit and charm behind a microphone, a laconic lyrical eye and, as aforementioned, being really really tall.
Visit his Facebook page:
To purchase tickets for Gappy Tooth’s Christmas special, CLICK HERE.
Alternatively you can purchase tickets for £4.50 on the door.


  • Gappy Tooth's Christmas Special line-up announced
  • Gappy Tooth's Christmas Special line-up announced
  • Gappy Tooth's Christmas Special line-up announced
  • Gappy Tooth's Christmas Special line-up announced