Gammy Leg hobbles to The Library in Oxford for special gig

The people behind Gappy Tooth Industries used used to run a little offshoot called Gammy Leg Productions, back when the Exeter Hall, Cowley was a venue and not a religious fraternity.
And now they’re bringing it back for intermittent events at that lovely, lofi locale The Library, also on Cowley Road, Oxford.
The first will take place on 31/10/19 (that’s Hallowe’en to you and me or Brexitween if Boris gets his wish), and shall feature ace literate oddball new wavers Moogieman & The Masochists (
And, to add to that, the amazing Limpet Space Race are also playing this bill.  They’re an urban hippy pop collective, a lovely relaxed mix of lithe melodies, miso chops and junkyard jamming.
And, finally, ex-Vienna Ditto chap Oxford Sound Archive is rounding off the line-up.
As it’s a special night there may be Hallowe’en costumes and there may even be a Brexit debate, who knows?
All you need to know for now is that it will cost a fiver and that you should come, and let other people know so that they can come.

In summary:

Gammy Leg Productions
The Library
Moogieman & The Masochists
Limpet Space Race
Oxford Sound Archive
Fiver on the door, and probably a few cheap advance tix too.