Wilderness is known for gathering a world-class constellation of musical acts, globally renowned chefs, late-night parties, provocative talks and groundbreaking theatre.

But alongside the revelry, it also curates an enriching programme for The Sanctuary; a serene space nestled next to the Lakes, featuring some of the most esteemed health, fitness and wellbeing professionals from around the globe.

The Lakeside Spa

With a wealth of restorative experiences, guests can flex out in yoga masterclasses under the guidance of world-renowned practitioners, limber up in dance and movement classes, be enlightened in mindfulness and mediation workshops or simply escape to the lakes and forests of Wilderness itself.

This year, Wilderness adds to the magic with an eclectic programme set across four brand new wellbeing spaces that transform The Sanctuary into a home for exploration and restoration:

The Studio –  Dance. Stretch. Move.

Awaken the yogi in you and keep your drishti in focus. Catering for all, The Studio prepares you for the day ahead. Don your best spandex for some 80s aerobics, bend and lengthen in pilates or simply feel that yoga flow. From first timers to firm favourites, leave apprehension at the door and step inside.

The Shala – Outdoor stage.

Your opportunity to take life a little less seriously, but by no means is this a joke. Open on all sides but raised from the crowd, this brand-new space has something for everyone. From high kicks to bold poetry, not to mention an hour of Barre before you hit the bar.

Mindful Space – A moment for expansion.

This is the space to breathe, let go and exist in the moment.  Grow through self-evolution and an abundance of gentle, restorative movement. Awaken every sense with classes from aromatherapy to poetry and meditation to mental health. Widen your mind, feel your body and uplift your soul.

Wellbeing in the Wild – Yours to explore.

Nourish your soul while taking in the beauty and freedom of the Wildernesssurroundings. Escape city life and embrace the nature that calls to us all. With family bootcamps, outdoor yoga, forest foraging and distillation workshops and our infamous Wild Runs, come be at one with the Wilderness.

Alongside all of this, the Wilderness pioneering spirit continues with the announcement of some exciting additions to the wellbeing programme. Proudly presenting Aerial Yoga, Spoken Word Improv, SUP Fitness and Evening Breathwork classes, set against a bespoke soundscape created by a live DJ.

A cross-disciplinary range of masterclasses have been curated with personal development and enlightenment in mind. First up, the founder of White Light Yoga retreats, Steffy White, will be running a 90-minute class focused on fluidity and grace. Through a spiraling vinyasa style practice, she will help yogis discover how to move with effortless grace throughout their time on the mat.

Wilderness are also thrilled to welcome The Naked Professor, Ben Bidwell, the highly respected mindset coach to The Sanctuary for two masterclass workshops exploring ‘Why happiness isn’t the answer’ and ‘Toxic masculinity  – a disease of our society?’ Ben inspires audiences the world over to become their most authentic self and achieve their deepest potential. Having been on his own journey from a masked “toxic” masculine to an awakened and open soul, his story is deeply authentic and relatable.

Richard Bostock, aka The Breath Guy, adds to the line-up with his ‘Breathe in and bliss out with breathwork’ session. He’ll be exploring the question ‘is it possible to achieve the same blissful states of no-mind, no-where and no-time that dedicated meditators take many years to achieve with just a few minutes of breathing?’. Join Richie for what promises to be an unmissable stop if you wish to accelerate your own personal growth.

The final, addition to the wellbeing programme is pioneering electronic music polymath, Tom Middleton. As a Sound Architect, informed by scientific research he creates psychoacoustic soundscapes to transform human experiences across multiple industries, improving mental and physical health, elevating mood, increasing resilience and retention, boosting productivity and performance.

Tom will be partnering with Richie Bostock (The Breath Guy) and Tracie Storey (Tama-Do Vibrational Sound Practitioner – Elemental Resonance) to present inspiring workshops throughout the Wilderness weekend.

Inspired by his Sleep Better album and app of psychoacoustic soundscapes and sleep hygiene techniques launched in 2018, he also joins forces with Tracie, who integrates various bespoke acoustic instruments and sound acupuncture techniques into her work, to present a practical workshop in how to sleep better.

Wilderness takes place at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, from August 1 to August 4.