Gin, jazz and “unquestionably an artist on the rise” kick start Oink Gallery’s first exhibition of 2019.

This weekend Oink Gallery will be debuting the latest work from critically acclaimed artist Marcelina Amelia.

The opening of Marcelina Amelia’s solo exhibition will display an array of her work from mixed media formats, vibrant print work, paint, ceramics and illustrations. Originating from Poland, the now UK-based artist has made a prominent mark in the art world – last year she was dubbed as “unquestionably an artist on the rise” by Saatchi curator Monty Preston.

In 2018 Marcelina also met Oink Gallery owner, Mark Pepperall, at The Affordable Art Fair in Bristol. This weekend will see her debut her solo exhibition at the Swindon gallery 9 February. The exhibition will then be on display until mid-March.

Speaking of her work Marcelina said: “I like to play at the tense borders between lust and innocence; joy and sadness; fun and pain.

“My interest in juxtaposition comes from my inspiration with Grayson Perry as ‘nowhere else could such a horrific grief be met with such fairly romanticism.” 

The opening night will be attended by Marcelina and The Peculiar Gin Company, – who will be providing a pop-up bar for the event – with music performed by jazz trio, Shades of Silver.

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