Five valuable lessons for men straight from the big screen


Watching movies is arguably one of this generation’s favourite pastimes. Since people spend large portions of their lives doing this, why not learn something useful along the way? Following is just some of the most frequent features of male movie characters that would do you good in some real-life situations.

  1. Having a Good Sense of Humor

The oldest trick in the movie books can also help you in some everyday dating endeavors. It is usually depicted by the strict guy with the always-perfect hair and teeth who ends up losing the girl to the one that makes her smile. This does not mean that you can let yourself go and stop paying attention to your appearance, but it definitely guides you to a ‘more jokes, less interrogation’ approach to dating, at least for the first few times.

  1. Good Manners

You probably already know that being polite can get you a long way, but the Hollywood good boy type has even proven it to be true on screen. As you can see from your home cinema collection, having good manners is not just about holding the door and passing the salt. Loyalty, helping others in times of need and kindness are all ingredients of today’s modern, well-mannered man.

  1. Doing Sports

There is no need to start going to the gym or taking up golfing just because these are frequent hobbies to movie characters. Just pick a sport you have always been fond of in order to keep your body healthy and in good physical shape. Start the old-fashioned way, with a group of friends coming together each week to play some ball and see where it leads you. For all you know, your high school interest in basketball could pay off now that there are all kinds of online and live betting possibilities.

  1. A Good Pair of Shoes

Men with good shoes go a long way, at least in the movies. All kidding aside, shoes can say a lot about the male personality – are you tidy or overly neat, are you completely negligent or trying to make a statement. Since there is so much you can give out about yourself by putting on a pair of shoes, you should at least make sure they are worth ‘speaking in your behalf’. Get some Oxfords or a pair of ankle boots in a neutral color – grey, black or brown, and take them out for a test run.

  1. Honesty is The Best Policy

Everyone knows this saying, but it means a lot more putting it into practice. Movies have taught us that coming clean about our mistakes and secrets is always central to the culmination point that determines the main characters’ faiths. While it need not be as dramatic or heart-breaking, being honest about your past, the mistakes you have made or the secrets you have kept from your nearest and dearest can make you happier than anyone you have ever seen on the big screen.