I’m a bit scared. I really am.

As a self-proclaimed geek I’ve always found the community to be a reasonably nice bunch who have succumbed to the escapist worlds of sci-fi and fantasy with reckless abandon building up encyclopaedic knowledge of their chosen subjects.

But there was always a small sub-section of the geek community who had turned too fanatical. Luckily they were in the minority. Fringe elements that you could safely ignore.

These are the ones that would fight you to the deah if you so much as uttered that Han didn’t shoot first or that you quite liked the rebooted version of Total Recall.

Unfortunately though, and it was bound to happen eventually especially with geekdom celebrating a golden age with nearly every current film and TV series either being based on comics or sci fi and fantasy books, these fanatical angry geeks are no longer hidden they are there for all to see.

And people are now listening when before they would have been brushed aside as just a bit of annoying background noise.

These are the ones who railed against the new Ghostbusters films from their mother’s basements because they had dared to cast women.

These are the ones who targeted Kelly Marie Tran in a massive spate of cyber bullying because they did not like her character Rose in Star Wars – The Last Jedi.

Talking of The Last Jedi, these are also the ones who started up an online petition to get the entire movie remade because they didn’t like the way it turned out.

They are an angry subset of geekdom that’s giving all of us quite fun-loving geeks a bit of a bad name as they seem to want to rain down fire and fury on anyone, even the writers, if the story doesn’t go the way they wanted it to in their heads.

As I’m sitting here, the internet is still on fire after the conclusion of Game of Thrones, which did a pretty spectacular job of rounding off such an epic tale over ten years although they could have stretched it out over a couple of more episodes to really do it justice. (This is an opnion I wouldn’t be allowed online as I would find a cross burning outside of my house if I did).

So what did Game of Thrones do to attract such ire?

Well in short, the anger seems to be because one of the characters went in a direction that they didn’t want that character to. (I’m keeping it vague so as not to spoil anything).

These are the same lot who recently got upset by an all female scene in Avengers.

And they are angry. Really angry. Like UKIPPERS but with brains. They’ve even turned to their trusty online petitions to get the entire series remade.

And to top it all they’ve only gone and named Twilight’s Robert Pattinson as the new Batman which has set them all off again. I expect his social media people are now bracing for death threats.

This toxic fandom is pretty damn ugly and seems to take on the worst traits of humankind from homophobia to misogyny to racism. 

In short, if you’re going to get that seriously angry about how the creators of a show choose to write the story or who to cast you really need to take a proper look at your real life. You know the life that is real and not just entertainment.

It’s fine to be passionate. It’s fine to be critical. But fuming and threatening! Life’s too short for that shizzle.