Being a fan is pretty hard work.

Especially in this age of social media where you can yell your fandom to the rooftops and have to appear a bigger fan than everyone else by knowing every minute detail. It’s exhausting.

And if you’re a professional fan, you even get your own type of mini fame amongst the other fans as some type of super-fan.

You gain respect from these others. They respect you as you’re such a fan that you got a massive tattoo of Lemmy on your back or made a life-size Millennium Falcon out of matchsticks in your garden.

You sometimes find yourself angry at the thing that you’re meant to be a fan of as if you would know better than the creators themselves on what’s best for the object of your affections.

Take Star Wars: The Last Jedi for instance. The internet literally exploded with incandescent rage from fans on what the writers shouldn’t be doing with their beloved Star Wars.

Princess Leia can’t fly. You could hear being shouted from here to Tattoine (Of course she can, she’s using the ‘force’. It’s magic. I didn’t hear you complaining when R2D2 could suddenly fly in the prequels despite that being a very useful skill in the later films that the diminutive robot could have used to get himself out of swamps or out of deserts.)

I’m a fan of a few things. I love Batman, Judge Dredd, Star Wars, Marvel, Prince, The National, Hellblazer, Radiohead, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Buffy, Red Dwarf, Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. But I’m not a superfan by any stretch. I just love those things.

To be a superfan you have to be a fan of that thing to the exclusion of all else. And it has to take over your life.

Thus being a fan of someone else’s creative work has to be the dominant force in your life, and has to be part of everything you do.

You see it a lot with sports fans as their moods change as their teams win or lose.

You could say the same about religion but I won’t go down that road as that way lies death threats and vicars giving you the cold shoulder.

But I do respect people who go this whole hog for the objection of their fandom but you kind of get the feeling that they’re missing out, not just on real life, but also on all the other amazing things that are out there.

No, to be a fan, I would not advise monogamy as you have to experience that life is huge and that there’s just so much out there that could also be your bag enriching everything.