Explosive game show ‘Nuclear Future’ shakes Oxford


This October the award-winning game show ‘Nuclear Future’ is set to shakeup the North Wall Arts Centre in a shattering new play about the dangerous potential of Nuclear weapons.

As the apocalyptic impact of nuclear disaster regains a foothold in public conversation, this show presents the threat on a more human scale in an interactive show.

Astrid’s life is like many others. She dresses her child, she spills her coffee, she catches the bus to work. But her work and her PowerPoint bring Astrid and the audience into contact with the world’s most dangerous weapons as she assesses their risks and their consequences. In one moment, life can be changed forever.

Gameshow has created this show guided by the belief that we must understand nuclear weapons in this human context, as opposed to the current public conversation which holds them as theoretical and distant, a problem on the other side of the globe. As citizens of a nuclear nation, we are responsible for weapons that could change the world more fundamentally than the worst effects of climate change or natural disaster.

Gameshow directors Matt Ryan and Matthew Evans said:  “There is a horrific beauty to nuclear weapons because their workings are infinitesimally small but their impact is inconceivably big. We wanted to find a way to explore the everyday human impact of something so enormous we can’t bear to think about it. How can we respond to increasingly regular nuclear threats around the world?

“The show uses an immersive soundscape designed by Dominic Kennedy and Joshua Pharo’s experimental video-lighting technique to plunge the audience into the world of our story, using the audience’s imagination to create the unimaginable.”

The show will run on 24 October at The North Wall, more information can be found at https://www.thenorthwall.com/