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I’m a snowflake. A lefty liberal snowflake.

It’s the new buzzword that seems to be thrown around to dismiss someone in a debate as if that person’s opinion does not matter.

It’s meant to be an insult.

It’s meant to imply weakness and softness and prone to childish tantrums.

But the people who generally use it with their bad spelling, grammar and overuse of capital letters tend to be the ones that act in a childish manner by resorting to insults rather than argue their point in a rational and intelligent manner.

They are angry about a world that has left them behind.

They are angry about a world that is more progressive and open-minded.

The snowflakes themselves tend to be more intelligent and know more about their subject matter than the opposing side.

Until the last couple of years I would never have seen myself as a lefty. A liberal yes. A moderate yes. But not a lefty. But now, according to the capital letter using Daily Mail reading mob I’m a lefty snowflake.

I don’t actually mind.

Snowflakes are multi-faceted and complicated. And they are beautiful as they bring about a massive change in our immediate environment.

Okay, us snowflakes don’t help ourselves. As there is a certain hardcore section of the snowflake community who like to be ‘offended’ by any little thing.

“Kinder eggs have ‘his and her’ eggs rather than being gender neutral. How could they? Why aren’t the toys in the eggs gender neutral.”

The outrage.

Or, should I say, the false outrage at something so trivial as a chocolate egg company having Wonderwoman in pink toys and Batman in blue toys. It doesn’t matter.

All that kind of thing does is create hostility in the anti-snowflake mob and they use extreme examples like this as reasons to not pay attention to real issues like diversification and the gender pay-gap.

It’s called picking your battles.

Also all you extreme snowflakes - stop stifling debate! Freedom of speech is definitely more important than whether your sensitive ears hear an opinion that you don’t agree with.

But in the main being a snowflake is good. It shows that you have empathy and care about others. That is a good thing. So with that in mind I say “Let it snow!”