Encyclopedia Ocelotica: Invisibility -

Science is finally coming good on some of its promises - which frankly is about time - given that it’s now 2019.

And as we all know, the future was supposed to start in 2000.

Since 2010, a Canadian company has been quietly working on invisibility technology - we haven’t heard much about it… which I suppose means they are getting something right.

Hyperstealth, a camouflage design company, has been developing Quantum Stealth - a naff name for a very exciting product - and judging by the demonstration videos it’s the closest I’ve seen to a proper invisibility material.

Quantum Stealth is as thin as cardboard, flexible and does not need a power source.

It works by using a lenticular lens to bend visible light around any objeect behind the sheet - effectively hiding it by projecting an image of whatever is behind the ‘hidden object’.

It’s a similar technology used in those birthday cards that have a disconcertingly three dimensional pug dog on the front.

The firm’s promotional videos show a man walking behind a screen made of the material - which effectively blurs out his outline and replaces it with the background of the wall he is standing in front of - making him fade from view.

It’s not perfect, you can see a slight smudge of something moving around, but then neither was the cloaking technology used by the alien in the Predator movie franchise… and he was from outa space!

Obviously the military are interested in this stuff. I’m sure it won’t be long before we see invisible US aircraft carriers sneaking up on developing countries to surprise them with some high explosive ‘humanitarian aid’ delivery.

Maybe it’s something that would be better left uninvented…?

To find out more about this amazing project see: www.hyperstealth.com and prepare to not believe your non-seeing eyes!