Does the Cheltenham Festival Offer the Greatest Entertainment for Sports Fans?

When you look up and down the sporting calendar, there are many events that stick out as being the best in their sport. If you’re a fan and get to attend one of these events, you know you are in for a good time.

But what about overall sports fans, those who want to have a great time despite not being a huge fan?

These have to look for events that are about the overall experience, not just the action that happens and for that reason, the Cheltenham Festival is always mentioned.

We have four days of racing at Cheltenham, but with so much more going off, you don’t need to be an avid racegoer to enjoy your day.

Does this make the Cheltenham Festival the greatest event for sports fans?

About the Cheltenham Festival

The Festival takes place in March, with four days of action from Tuesday until Friday at Cheltenham Racecourse.

The meeting has a total of 28 races, with seven each day and these are some of the most important races in the calendar. What really appeals to racing fans about the festival is that you are guaranteed to see the best horses in action here.

Many specifically tailor their entire season around what their target will be at the festival, which is why we see so many good horses taking each other on.

Sports fans always want to soak up the atmosphere at events like this and Cheltenham is like no other. From the roar that proceeds the opening race on Tuesday to welcoming the Gold Cup winner back into the parade ring on Friday, there is always a great atmosphere on course here.

Betting at the Cheltenham Festival

Horse racing is a sport that is connected to betting, and for that reason, betting on course at the Cheltenham Festival is hugely popular.

Those wishing to place a bet on the day, or if you would like the peace of mind that your bets are on, head online and place them with bookmakers before you travel.

When betting online, you have more chance of taking advantage of a betting offer on your wager. For example, back horses together in an acca and if one loses you will get your stake back with acca insurance, meaning you don’t lose out.

Betting is all about opinions, but you don’t need to be an expert, which helps those who are not big racing fans to get involved.

Whether its recognisable names, jockey colours or even just numbers, you can pick your horse out in many different ways and hopefully cheer them on to success.

More Than Just Horse Racing

There is a lot more to the Cheltenham Festival than just the horse racing which happens on the track.

From some top-class restaurants to bars, VIP areas, a shopping village and much more, there is a lot to look out for when you are on course. With seven races each day, you can take time out from the action and explore everything else on offer in your leisure.

We often see the arts and culture sector involved at the festival in some way, celebrating the work of someone. This may be something such as an art exhibition on course, or live entertainment after racing.

This again broadens the day, taking it away from the racing for those who want something a little different because they are not big fans.

Catering for these people is not easy, but Cheltenham does it extremely well at the Festival, which is why it is considered to offer the greatest entertainment for sports fans.