DOCA: Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts – “a great chance to see something totally unique”

Street Festival image Mat Hennessy Images

DOCA’s season of events are in full swing, with workshops well underway to prepare for the Devizes Carnival on July 13!

All extra miles have been taken to celebrate Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts’ tenth anniversary, so from now until February 2020 DOCA will be hosting everything from an international street fair – celebrating its 20th birthday – and Colour Rush, to a mesmerising lantern display and gigantic parade for thousands of festival-goers.

A spokesperson for the event said: “We are over the moon at having the opportunity to have a six metre Neolithic giantess leading our Parade this year with a baby Woolly Mammoth by her side, accompanied by children from local schools who have taken part in workshops funded by the Area Boards. The Giant is possible because of a partnership project with Amesbury Carnival, funded by Bloor Homes and Arts Council and created by Beautiful Creatures Theatre. It’s been an amazing joint project that has meant both Carnivals have had a really exciting addition to their parades.

“As always DOCA will bring high quality international work to Devizes – it is a great chance to see something totally unique!”

What’s on:

Skittles Night

When: July 10
Where: The Wyvern Club
What: Get a team together for a fun, competitive evening (no experience needed) – with a chance of cash prizes!

Devizes Carnival

Belly Of The Whale Ockhams Razor by Mark Dawson Photography

When: July 13
Where: Leaving The Green at 6pm for a 2km route
What: As this year is DOCA’s tenth anniversary, it’s a ‘Through the Ages’ themed Carnival! Jennings Fair will also be in town, so expect loads of rides at the end!

Picnic in the Park

When: August 18
Where: Hillworth Park
What: Bring a picnic blanket and relax with great music, family entertainment and copious amounts of refreshments.

Quiz Night

When: August 21
Where: The Shambles
What: A long standing fundraiser with all proceeds contributing to the programme of DOCA’s work.

International Street Festival

When: August 25 – 26
Where: On the Green (August 25) and in the Market Place (August 26)
What: International street performers, contemporary circus acts, dancers, musicians and walkabout shows.

Colour Rush

Colour Rush by Matt Hennessy

When: August 31
Where: Stars from Green Lane Playing Fields – race starts at 6.30pm
What: Originating from the Indian festival of Holi or the “Festival of Colour” Colour runs, rushes, parties etc. have become a big thing around the globe over the last decade or so. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh – a perfect event to compliment the Confetti Battle where the Colour Rush ends.

Confetti Battle

Confetti battle crowd – Mat Hennessy Images

When: August 31
Where: Devizes Market Place – battle commences at 8pm, with entertainment kicking off beforehand at 7.30pm
What: As far as we know Devizes is the only town that has a Confetti Battle tradition. No one can remember the first official battle but we know its roots date back to the old Devizes Carnival in 1913, where confetti and rose petals were thrown by the crowd at people in the procession. The tradition evolved into a fully-fledged battle around 1955 when it was started by Jim Jennings.

Lantern Parade

When: November 29
Where: The Market Place
What: Celebrating the start of the festive season, Devizes boasts one of the region’s most spectacular lantern processions.

Festival of Winter Ales

When: February 28 to 29, 2020
Where: The Corn Exchange, The Market Place
What: Held in collaboration with Stealth Brewery, DOCA has bespoke, warming ales and ciders from some of the best independent breweries in the country, as well as some fantastic bands and special DOCA style entertainment. You’ll be able to chose from a selection of Lovett’s pies, and quality snacks to keep you going.

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