Wadworth, the Devizes-based pub operator and family brewer, has re-launched its craft stout Corvus brand and won a regional silver award at the SIBA Independent Keg Beer awards 2017 off the back of it.

Different from other stouts, Corvus craft stout at 4.1% abv is brewed at Wadworth’s historic brewery is distinctly smooth and creamy, contrasted by an unexpected light body. The new branding has a sleek new look as black as the very bird the stout is named after; Corvus being Latin word for raven.

Consumer insight showed that Corvus consistently outperformed market leading stouts in blind taste tests.  It’s made with pale ale malts combined with flaked roasted barley, alongside amber and chocolate malt, which gives it a dark, rich flavour.

Wadworth wanted the new branding to be a true reflection of the craft, consistency and lightness of this speciality stout and with a bold and smart stand-alone font and glassware, its new facelift is an eye-catcher on any bar.

Elaine Beckett, head of marketing and communications at Wadworth said, “It was important for us to really take into account the consumer insight we had gained and ensure we positioned this beer correctly for our customers.

“There’s an emerging market of younger beer drinkers looking to try craft stout. Corvus is the perfect beer for them.  The rebranding gives Corvus the stand out it deserves and is a credit to the passion and skill that has gone into evolving this unique beer by our brewers here in Devizes”.

Corvus is available in keg format.

To find out more about Corvus and Wadworth go to www.wadworth.co.uk/home follow @Wadworth on Twitter or visit www.facebook.com/WelcometoWadworth.