Dealing With Stress And Anxiety: How Can This Affect Your Hair Growth?


Stress and anxiety often occur in everyday life and can sometimes not be avoided. But could this lead to your hair becoming affected? In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that stress and anxiety can affect the growth of your hair in the long term.

Stress Can Stunt Hair Growth

When looking into the effects of stress and anxiety, it is important to note that any form of prolonged stress can lead to the hair becoming damaged. This will not only stunt the hair growth at the follicle, but this mixed with poor diet can lead to the hair falling out over time. Though there are a number of hair transplant Turkey options to help to resolve hair loss of any kind, it is important to prevent the hair from becoming damaged by dealing with stress and anxiety correctly. With this in mind, making time for yourself and dealing with stress accordingly will ensure that your hair growth is continuing as it should for the time being.

Anxiety Can Affect Diet

Though a feeling of anxiety is normal from time to time, excessive anxiety can lead to the diet being affected and can even lead to hair suffering as a result. With a lack of nutrients in the body as well as a lack of protein this can lead to the hair becoming damaged and looking flat as a result. Though it can take time for this to cause any severe hair loss, it can lead to the hair becoming damaged and brittle as a result, therefore ensuring that you have a balanced diet will not only help the hair to grow, but it will allow you to sleep properly and lessen anxiety over time.

Both Can Affect Sleep

Though anxiety and stress can be frequent in everyday life, this can have a dramatic effect on the amount of sleep that you get. Though this will not have an instant effect on your hair, a prolonged period of lack of sleep can lead to the hair becoming brittle and damaged. This is because the cells cannot regenerate accordingly without a regimented sleeping pattern. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you alleviate stress by sleeping frequently to make sure that your cells have the time needed to regenerate.

Both Can Lead To Overworking And Vitamin Deficiency

When you overwork yourself you oftentimes become worn out very quickly. Whether these are vitamin deficiencies that come with lack of diet or you are experiencing a lack of sleep due to being overworked, this can all lead to the hair becoming damaged in the long term. Whether you are experiencing a large amount of hair falling away at the hairline, or hair breaking at the ends, this can all lead to the hair falling out or becoming excessively damaged as a result of no vitamins and minerals.

Whether you are looking for a way to keep your hair strong over the course of the harsh winter, or you have begun to notice excessive fallout over and thinning, you can begin to lessen the stress and maintain a healthy level of growth over the year.