Dead Man’s Hand comes to Swindon Arts Centre


By Ryan Thompson

Dead Man’s hand will be coming to the Swindon Arts Centre this summer to thrill audiences.

This is a captivating thriller which twists and teases in a singular and exciting manner. At first it might seem to be another, typical Agatha Christie as two couples are lured to an Italian villa where murder then takes place. But things are not that simple and certainly not what they seem as twists and turns that tease the audience eventually lead to the point where the Dead Man shows his hand. If you know anything about poker you may understand the reference. Who is the murderer and what do the murdered have in common? The answer is not revealed until the final intriguing twist.

This is an exceptionally well constructed play that will keep your attention and have you guessing to the very end. Definitely one that is not to be missed. Directed by Dennis Breakespear, with a cast of 6 characters, the performances are from Wednesday 26th to Saturday September 29, 7.30pm at the Arts Centre, Old Town, Swindon.

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