Darkroom Theatre Company announce date for “unsettling and gripping” new show


Darkroom Theatre Company are back with a brand new production of “Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here” by Jack Perkins. 

First performed at Edinburgh in 2017 by Barrel Organ, a London-based theatre collective, Anyone’s Guess received high praise for its ‘Lynchian quality’ of a dystopic present.

She’s standing in her bedroom. She’s come back to reclaim what she buried. On debt, eviction, childhood, and the thing under the floorboards. A road-trip. A haunted-house. A bedtime story. A photo-album. An ‘80s fantasy film. A demolition project. What remains, long after you’ve paid it off.

Tom Fletcher, director of this two woman show said: “Anyone’s Guess is an unsettling and gripping look at the true cost of debt. It’s a memory. A VHS tape. A dusty photo album. A gap in the floorboards. As a director I was looking for a company that could traverse the line of performance and reality with me. I want the audience to be on the edge of their seat in anticipation of whether what we’re seeing on stage is actually a play or just two friends telling a story.

“The story of the show revolves around some of the most difficult topics we have to deal with as people but through it all these two friends have each other, hopefully our audience will leave feeling like they are a part of that bond.”

DTC are also working with local companies and charities to put on this exciting new show, working in collaboration with Artsite Ltd, and ProLX Productions, with support from the Wyvern Theatre and Darkroom Espresso.

Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here is performed at the Postmodern Gallery, Swindon, from May 10 to May 11 and is licensed by Samuel French Ltd.

Tickets are available from: https://ctzn.tk/anyone