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The Lechlade Festival
Crippling pain puts pay to running 10K


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You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit slack in my blogs over the last couple of weeks.

Urm. Well I don’t really know how to say this, but essentially a medical complaint has kind of put all my plans on hold.

I’m now due in for an operation on Wednesday 4 May. It’s only a day op but I’m not going into too much detail here as somethings do have to remain private in life. I have been advised that it will take about six weeks to recover before I can do strenuous activities again.

So the long and short is I am now unable to do my running under the city of Bath 10k that I had planned for Sunday 8 May. And it means my training has going for a burton until mid-June.

I know that this is a big loss for all of you following this blog who wanted to see me in agony but I can assure you that I will still definitely be in agony to keep you pain fans happy.

The Sahara trek is still very much so on the cards. And I’ve still got about £2,200 to raise for that, which isn’t overwhelming at all honest.

So it’s a bit of a setback but hopefully I’ll be back up to full-speed before you know it.

In the meantime please still donate some money as you don’t get much more worthy than Prospect Hospice.


In case you’ve been hiding under a stone (or more likely have a life that doesn’t pay attention to what an ageing journo has been up to on a daily basis), this is all part of my year long ‘Five Trials and Tribulations’ that will end up with me crossing a desert in March 2023 to raise money for Prospect Hospice.

The first trial that I was meant to undertaking was the Two Tunnels 10k which would have seen me running underneath the city of Bath on Sunday 8 May. Unfortunately that has had to be cancelled due to an unexpected medical problem.

But once I’ve recovered from that I’ve got far more trials and tribulations planned. So watch this space.

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