Count down begins for The Vic’s 12 Bands of Christmas


I have always been bad at maths, but this year for The Victoria’s 12 Bands of Christmas there are indeed 13.

It’s no surprise, really. I am always rather amazed that The Vic has always managed to stick to 12 each year – it’s a brilliant (albeit, mental) music affair featuring some of the town’s best bands (combined with the run-up to Christmas mentality where the whole month is essentially one long care-free bender).

So yes, this year – 14 December – 13 bands will (kind of) grace the stage to play covers which are in complete contrast to their own sound. It’s basically karaoke (but thankfully, played-out by singers and musicians – not the guy who’s at every Wacky Wednesday living his best life and killing everyone else not-so-softly with his favourite song).

Tickets are £8. For further information visit