Come along to Gappy Tooth’s 18th birthday gig on Saturday 30 May 2020


Gappy Tooth Industries

The Wheatsheaf, High St, Oxford on Saturday 30 May 2020 tickets cost £4.50 on the door, even cheaper from

20.15  Doors open

20.30  Dolly Mavies

21.20  Tenacity

22.10  Jody & The Jerms

23.00  Curfew

Jody & The Jerms

Jody and the Jerms mix lo-fi guitars and synth, with upbeat rhythm and harmony. Formed in June 2019 around a collection of song ideas and a spare afternoon in the studio, their debut singles “Never Going Home” and “Worlds Together” are available now with a full album to follow soon. They list influences such as Blondie, Kirsty MacColl, The Primitives, The Pretenders, and Sumemr Camp. Sounds like a nice spoonful of pop melodiousness for our birthday party, wouldn’t you say?


More pop from London’s Tenacity, but this time with glitch ambient and eletronica jazz bolstering the effect.  Pork pie hat funky, but understated and extremely slinky.  Imagine some proper goatee-tending acid jazzers let loose on the samplers and dreampop machines laying around the Morr Music label offices, aiming to make some vintage Cardigans tracks before the cough syrup wears off.

Dolly Mavies
With Welsh roots and soulful sounds, Dolly Mavies combines folk, soul and acoustic guitar to create emotive and poetic soundscapes.”Breathtakingly atmospheric” Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music.  “Her dreamy vocals and tripped-out electro-pop carry her on to new lands on a raft made of hopes, dreams and possibly angels’ wings” Nightshift.  “What a lush, vibrant track this is [“My Buoy”]. It makes wonderful use of layered vocals and some lovely string arrangements […] It’s a terribly sad, poetic song beautifully delivered in a soft restrained and regretful vocal. This is a song to be savoured over a lonely kitchen table late at night with a slow drink in the company of a memory.” Fresh Faves