CBD In The Celebrity World

If you are thinking of taking CBD Oils, or any related products, then you will certainly be in good company when it comes to the world of celebrities and their demand for Cannabidiol products!

From Swindon to the Hollywood hills there are a number of big name stars, actors, singers, who are openly either taking or endorsing CBD products. We got in touch with one of the brands currently helping grow the market in and around Swindon, Reactive Plus , to shed some light on the names of these fine celebrities.


Probably The most famous face, or behind, on the planet, Kim Kardashion has made claims of “not being able to live without CBd Oil” and also many claims of it helping her.

Though not much detail can be easily found as to how it has helped, or how often she takes it, she seems happy to endorse CBD as something that is really helping her confidently enough.



Pam St Clement has been an active voice for CBD/Hemp oil and its helpful effects on her and her health. A famous Eastenders Hall of Famer, Pam explains how she takes drops under her tongue multiple times a day. She actually became aware of the product when filming in the USA regarding its legalisation there. Ever since then Pam has been a strong advocate for CBD oils.



The Grease legend Olivia Newton John is another global celebrity that has happily stood for and endorsed the use of CBD. Looking great at 70, she claims her husband makes her tinctures of CBD oil. She is also a strong believer in the legalisation of the products in her home country of Australia, believing everyone should be able to get the benefits from the oils.



Make It So! Patrick Stewart is a well respected actor, appearing in movies ranging from the X Men to A Christmas Carol. He is a major part of Star Trek folk law having played, (still is playing actually), Captain Jean-Luc Piccard. Though he hasn’t stated what he uses CBD and medical Marajuana for, he claims to use a CBD spray regularly and is a strong advocate of Cannabis legalisation across the world.



Valene Kane is an Irish actress who you will likely have seen in TV shows like the Fall and films like Star Wars: Rogue One. She is a keen CBD tea drinker as she states it helps with any taste issues, (perhaps she uses Raw oil which has a strong taste and is also filled with impurities), using it as a way to unwind after a stressful days shooting or travelling.


Does This Mean I Should Take CBD Oil?

Of course not. It is sold as a supplement in the UK and should be treated as such. Something you have the option of using, (it is legal as long as the THC is below 0.2%), should it be of use to a particular ailment or issue you may be having. It is interesting though just how high profile taking CBD has gotten over just two years of being legal in the UK though.

For more information about CBD oils in Swindon, see https://swindonlink.com/business-brief/cbd-swindon/

  • CBD In The Celebrity World
  • CBD In The Celebrity World
  • CBD In The Celebrity World
  • CBD In The Celebrity World
  • CBD In The Celebrity World
  • CBD In The Celebrity World