Brits’ biggest passion killers revealed!
  • New research by thortful.com reveals Brits’ top passion-killers
  • Kids walking in revealed as number one passion-killer

Many relationships start off by being driven by passion and excitement but there comes a time when the spark wears off a little.

A new report by thortful reveals the biggest passion-killers that will stop your romantic intentions in their tracks. 

thortful surveyed the nation to find out how many people had been interrupted when having sex and who and what the biggest culprits are. 

The findings show a whooping 70% of Brits have been interrupted while getting it on, with kids walking in being the number one passion-killer. It seems family get most in the way of our romantic encounters, with a friend or family member calling coming second

Dogs and cats coming in ranked fourth and fifth respectively whilst the lowest-ranked passion killers include weird songs playing on shuffle (always a risk with a Spotify playlist) and fire alarms.

The top passion-killers are:


Biggest passion-killers


Kids walking in


Friend / family member calling you


Someone at the door


Dog coming in


Cat coming in


Parents walking in


Boss calling you


Noisy neighbours


Weird song coming on shuffle


Fire alarm



The results also revealed the biggest turn off whilst having sex is having your parents in the house, closely followed by babies or kids being in the room!

For more information, go to: https://www.thortful.com/blog/passionate-moment-killers-revealed/