Brews & Eats: A former Catatonia member is cooking up a storm in new book


Former member of Catatonia, Cerys Matthews, has written a cookbook.

Where the Wild Cooks Go blurs the lines between all the good things in life and stirs em up into a delicious brew.

Cerys’ book combines wicked food and drink recipes inspired by her travels, along with some groovy poetry and a brilliant playlist.

Because, of course, these things are inextricably linked to each other as a cultural whole.

But putting down the sociology textbook for a brief moment, what this means is that you can flick open a page, gather the ingredients, line up the playlist and invite your buddies over to help you cook and eat whatever the heck Cerys has got lined up for you – and possibly drunkenly read out some of the poetry and prose included in the book.

It’s a copper-bottomed guarantee that you will wake the next morning a significantly wiser, kinder, more geoculturally-aware and attractive person as a result of your culinary journey.

Buy it now.

Thank me later.