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Bishopstone organic farm shop offers Christmas delivery service

Helen Browning’s Organic at Eastbrook farm offer a sustainable meat delivery service with pre-orders available for the festive season.

Members of the public are invited to celebrate a green Christmas this year with sustainable meat from Helen Browning’s Organic.

The company says it prides itself upon its farming methods that actively regenerate the soil, improve pastures, help wildlife and have positive benefits for human health.

The Helen Browning’s Organic Christmas Shop is open for pre-orders, providing a selection of free-range pork and grass-fed, dairy-bred beef products delivered straight to doorsteps all over the UK.

The company says its products are always organic and sustainably farmed, and that it offers consistently award-winning, high welfare meat products that support British farmers.

This year, the team will add new products to the Christmas shop including 4 new sausage meats (plain, cranberry, chorizo, leek & apple) and Perfectly Pink organic beef, as part of the Good Beef range. The latter is slow cooked for 4 hours for pink, tender beef and can be enjoyed cold as part of a Christmas sandwich or sharing meat platter. Alternatively Helen Browning’s Organic suggests the beef could be reheated in just 25 minutes for a mouthwatering festive roast.

Chief Executive of the Soil Association, Helen Browning and her family have farmed at Eastbrook Farm for 67 years and have been organic since 1986.

The farm continues to make eco-conscious choices for the benefit of both the environment and the customer. Their recently launched Good Beef is a by-product of the farm’s organic dairy herds and as such has a much lower carbon footprint compared to standard beef.

Helen Browning’s Organic says the farm’s pasture-fed pigs and cattle play an essential role in building carbon in the soil and encouraging the floral diversity on which pollinators and many other insects depend. The team has  started experimenting with agroforestry, where trees are planted within the pastures, providing shade, shelter, habitats for birds and mammals, and even feed for the animals too. The company says the trees lock up even more carbon, and recycle nutrients from deep in the soil, while also providing fruits, nuts and timber for us humans.

Products from this range are also available in this year’s Christmas shop featuring steak cuts of sirloin, rib-eye, rump and fillet. Fans of Helen Browning’s Organic famous high welfare organic pork will be delighted to see the likes of dry cured ham, sausages, sausagemeat, pulled pork and ribs, bacon and lardons. A Christmas classic, organic gammon is made with a traditional cure of sea salt and sugar for a delicious, juicy flavour - ready to cook with stock and glaze for a statement festive dish.

A limited number of premium organic turkey and turkey crowns are also available.

Helen Browning’s Organic says its products are all Soil Association Certified and arrive in recyclable, chilled packaging.

Helen Browning was born and brought up on the family farm in Wiltshire which she runs today. Helen is also Chief Executive of the Soil Association.

She remains first and foremost a farmer and was awarded the OBE in 1998 for services to farming. She says her mission is to seek ways to farm that are as good as they possibly can be for people, farm animals and nature.

As Chief Executive of the Soil Association - the educational charity that supports policy makers, farmers, foresters and citizens make better decisions about how we eat, farm and care for the natural world - Helen says she tries to ‘walk the talk’ at her own Eastbrook Farm.

With her partner in life and business, Tim Finney, Helen wrote ‘PIG: tales from an organic farm’ which delves  into the ethics of meat eating, through the real life story of a gang of piglets - from birth to bacon.

The farm also provides organic produce to their nearby restaurant with rooms, Helen Browning’s Royal Oak.

More information about Helen Brownings can be found at

  • Bishopstone organic farm shop offers Christmas delivery service

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  • Bishopstone organic farm shop offers Christmas delivery service

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