Best sites to sell your car online

Selling your car online can be intimidating. The process can be complicated, with a lot of pitfalls, twists and turns. It’s challenging to know which sites you can trust, and which companies won’t let you slip through the cracks of the search engine. The process is made more comfortable when you sell through the online car buying sites. The following list contains the best overall car selling websites in the UK.

1. We Buy Any Car

WeBuyAnyCar.com is the old man of the instant online car buying industry – they actually created the model in the UK in 2006! 12 years later, they’re still one of the most popular online buying brands on the internet. With this site, you can value your used cars online, drop them off at any of their 200 branches for inspection. After this, you will receive your final offer.

2. Autovolo

Autovolo.com is a UK based online car buying and selling site that makes selling your car simple and easy. Simply enter your registration, enter your mileage and create your add. It’s that simple! Autovolo will also walk you step by step in its process, so you feel safe and comfortable.

3. We Buy Cars Today

Another UK based site. Very similar to We Buy Any Car but without the need to take your vehicle into a local store. Just put in your registration number! Today offers a free collection service with one of their staff members going to your house to collect it and drive it away for you.

4. Motorway

Easy to use comparison website that claims to be able to sell your car in 24 hours. Enter the registration of your vehicle, and mileage to compare details. You can also arrange for free collection or make an appointment for delivery. As soon as your car is handed over, they claim to send your payment immediately.

5. Evans Halshaw

Selling at Evans Halshaw means selling directly to an extensive network of dealers, so you’ll get a little more for your used car or van than on other sites. However, the initial valuation process is a little slower than others on this list because they process the information before sending the email to your designated address. Even so, their operation is super simple and easy to navigate.

6. Money4YourMotors

Although the website looks like it was made in the early 90s, don’t let this be a reflection on their service. Valuation appears on the screen in seconds. They are fast and effective and offer transport to your address to pick up your car for you.

7. The Car Buying Group

Lesser known but still capable, Group’s website is easy to navigate and use. You just fill in a few details about your vehicle and the site allows you to share your ad on Facebook for quick selling. However, valuation is a little longer than usual, but they offer you the choice to collect your vehicle and they promise to pay the price they quote for you.

8. ASM Auto Recycling

Auto Recycling is the site you use if your car is way past due and probably won’t be able to be sold. You can choose to scrap your vehicle here, and the site gives you an ‘end of life’ value. Your car will be sold for less than on most of the websites on the list, but if your car is unsellable, this is a great option.