Best Of Retro Gaming And Why We Love It


Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world today. With players able to play games in a variety of different ways on a whole range of different devices, it’s easy to see why the gaming boom has never ended. There’s always a huge demand for new games from the masses, but what has become very popular over the last few years may surprise some.

Retro gaming is in demand, with many returning to play some of the classics from the past, but why do we love retro gaming so much? Nostalgia plays a big role where retro gaming is concerned, with people loving nothing more than taking a trip down memory lane to play the games they enjoyed when they were growing up. However, the love for retro gaming isn’t all based on nostalgia, as the games themselves are extremely well designed, which has seen them stand the test of time in many respects.

So there have been several retro consoles and redesigned consoles released so that players can enjoy their favourite old school titles in all their glory. We’ve seen the NES undergo a bit of a facelift for example and this has repeatedly led to stock being sold out, due to the demand. There are also a few emulators available in the online world too, with everyone now able to enjoy their preferred retro games on their smartphones. It’s never been easier to get stuck into some all-time classics.

When it comes to retro games, there are several names which will immediately prick the ears of gamers. Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, Tetris, Super Mario 64, Street Fighter II and Doom are just a few titles that you will find in the top 20 games of all-time lists, which shows just how revered they are still to this day. To many, it may have been a case of quantity over quality of late in the gaming industry, especially due to the huge demand for new and innovative content, but when the games mentioned above were on the shelves, it was all about quality.

We have also seen some new games have that retro look and feel to them lately too, which again appeals to retro gamers out there. mFortune’s Fruit Machine game rolls back the years where video slots are concerned for example, giving players the opportunity to play a more traditional fruit machine from which video slots were developed. This approach offers gamers the best of both worlds, quenching their thirst for retro with modern games.

There’s a lot of love for retro gaming today and long may it continue. Not only does it help to keep classics alive, it offers a change of pace from the usual games that people often find themselves playing, adding in a dose of nostalgia too. Furthermore, we have even seen careers take off thanks to retro gaming, with YouTubers and streamers focused on this area very popular right now.