An insanely catchy Gappy Tooth night is coming this month (with added pandas)


We love Gappy Tooth Industries monthly gigs at The Ocelot. They are just ruddy brilliant. And in October they’ve got the brilliantly named Pandapopalypse opening the night followed by Civil Villains and Edward Fox headlining.

It all takes place at The Wheatsheaf, High St, Oxford on Saturday 26 October and costs £4.50 on the door, even cheaper from

20.15  Doors

20.30  Pandapopalypse

21.20  Civil Villains

22.10  Edward Fox

23.00  Curfew

Edward Fox

Yes, we know, wilfully misleading band name,  Hopefully the gig will be attended by some slightly muddled Jackal fans (our favourite is The Go Between, incidentally).  Anyway, what this fantastic Mr Fox actually is, is a new band formed by acclaimed gothic abstractionist D. Gwalia, who’s previous two albums drew such great responses in Oxford and beyond.  And, just to make it sweeter, he’s drafted in members of the mighty, much missed Undersmile to help.  Surely we’ve said enough to entice you by now.

Civil Villains

London/Brighton art punk trio Civil Villains walk the tightrope between mathy alt rock and desert riffage. Step right up, folks, for fitful riffs and complex rhythms. “Civil Villains are, in all the best ways, oxymoronic. Balancing noisy, complicated (albeit incredibly fun) songs, with a witty charm, Civil Villains make for a great show.” Gigslutz,

You may have seen all three members on the Gappy stage before in other acts, but none of them sound like Pandapopalypse.  Because nobody sounds like Pandapopalypse (and fewer can spell it).  With elements of big beat, electro pop and surf rock, what they most resemble is a gaggle of wild-eyed children’s TV show presenters who have been on the mescaline and Slimline tonic all afternoon and who are singing insanely catchy paeans to positivity.  And we mean insanely catchy.  You’ll come out of this experience changed, of this we guarantee you.