Agony Girl: Six-year-old Amy answers your questions

Amy Hill

Six-year-old Amy wants to know why we kill animals to eat when we can just eat sweets and fruit instead, but she’s still got time to answer your questions.  We read her the questions and these are her answers… honest.

Dear Amy,

You’ve been missing from these pages for the past two months. What happened? Are you hanging up your Agony Girl quill now that you’ve reached the ripe ol’ age of six?

Graham, Abingdon

No. I enjoy being Agony Girl as it’s fun. It’s like being a teacher and you ask me lots of questions and I have to answer them. It’s like an English lesson.

Dear Amy,

I’ve decided that I’m going to try my hardest to be a better person. How do people become as good as you?

Natalie, Thatcham

You have to learn a lot. You have to wear smart clothes sometimes and you have to be like my dad because daddy works at a job and it’s very good.

Dear Amy,

It’s summer time and I’ve got three kids. What should I do to keep them entertained during the sunny weather?

Chris, Frome

Maybe get them a bouncey castle and maybe get them a waterslide and a swimming pool and maybe play ball with them and be their best friend. And don’t tell them off.

Dear Amy,

I hear you’ve become a vegetarian. That’s really good. Why did you do it? How do you keep yourself from eating meat? And what’s your favourite meal?

Horace, Oxford

I done it because me and my friend Stephanie started a saving animal club and that means we can’t eat meat. My favourite meal is salmon.

Dear Amy,

If you could get any pet what would you get?

Hector, Poole

Not a chinchilla. I would get a cat, a dog and a chinchilla. No a chimp. I would call the chimpanzee. If it’s yellow I would call it ginger.

Dear Amy,

I’ve got this song in my head and all I need is a good singer and I believe we’ll have a hit record on our hands. Have you got any advice on how to break into the music industry? Are you a good singer?

Simon, Swindon

I’m a good singer. I would ask somebody to help me do the song then I would have a big concert. I would only like 1001 people to come because if I had 1002 everybody wouldn’t be able to hear it.

Dear Amy,

How many hairs have you got on your head?

Dustin, Florence


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